Top 3 Free Sample Muscle Supplements For UK Residents

The muscle supplement industry is chipping away at becoming a billion dollar marketplace in the UK alone. In 2015, sales accounted for almost 527 million euros in revenue. It's no secret that as the technology behind the supplement industry continues to get better and better these tiny little pills are becoming more and more powerful.  Companies like AlphaFuel, BioMuscle, and ProShred are doing whatever they can to gobbled up their share of the market place with celebrity endorsements from UK stars like David Beckham, Andy Murray, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Another new phenom we are seeing is what we are calling the “supplement product launch” can be seen all over the UK. In order to get word of mouth going and grow a loyal customer base that comes back and buys more, many companies have began to offer free trials and samples of their products for the first several months of being released.

Mark Sithmen, CEO of AlphaFuel stated:

“The free trial promotions are a great way to get our name and product out there FAST. We know our product works, we just need people to try it for themselves and see. This is a great way to accomplish that. Of course, not all of the free trial users will be back to buy more, but a large percentage of them do and this is what makes it such an effective marketing technique.”

The Top 3 UK Supplements For 2016

1) Force Factor

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2) Muscle Max xTreme

This supplement packs a powerful dose of NO2 (Nitric Oxide) that forces your muscles to hold more blood and oxygen. The more blood and oxygen going to your muscle the faster and better recovery/results you get from a workout. Get A Free Sample Here!

Muscle Max


3.) Anabolic Rx24

This bad boy packs a two in one punch. Not only does it help you build lean muscle quickly, it also boosts sexual energy by increasing free testosterone that is lying dormant in your body. Get A Free Sample Here!

Anabolic Rx24