Free Samples Of CBD Pills, Oils and Gummies With Free Shipping

Cannabidiol, also known as “CBD” is generating a ton of buzz lately as it's uses are becoming more widely known. Aiding it's popularity is the fact that it's legal in all 50 states and becoming more and more readily available. CBD is one of the 113 active cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis. Unlike THC  (one of the more popular of the 113 cannabinoids) users do not get “high” from consuming CBD whatsoever. Instead, it's reported to have many  healthy benefits such as reducing nausea, combating tumors and suppressing seizure activity. Today, many manufactures of CBD oils, pills, waxes, and gummies are offering free trials of their products to consumers. Typically, the free samples are not a full sized bottle, but hey we are not complaining!

Free Trials Of CBD Products

Free Trial Bottles of CBD Capsules

One of the leading sellers of CBD products, Wellness CBD, is offering a free sample of their clinically validated cannabidiol capsules. Check them out below.


Wellness CBD


If you are new to CBD, the capsules are a great place to start. However, since we are just spoke so highly of the Wellness CBD company, we feel it's necessary to inform you of their free trial CBD gummi bears as well.

Free Samples of CBD Gummy Bears

Because we live in America and people are awesome, we have things like CBD gummie bears. Who better to bring them to you than Wellness CBD. The gummies are quite delicious and are shipping and delivered in less than 3 days when you order.

CBD Gummie Bears

CBD Gummies

How Do CBD Gummy Bears Work?

Cannabidiol oil works the same way, but has different ways of being taken. Gummy CBD bears work just like the capsules do (taken orally) they just come in a great tasting gummy bear form.

These Miracle CBD Gummies have been sweeping the nation recently and being hailed as one of the best CBD products to use for pain, arthritis, and other common ailments. The manufactures created the products effectiveness to the process of extraction they use. Apparently, it is a proprietary secret and yields the most potent CBD extraction possible.