Free Mieoko Makeup Brush a $24 Value Just Pay Shipping

You have seen the hype recently blow up over the 22,000 soft bristle Mieoko makeup brush and their promotion to try the brush FREE.  Well, the hype is real! The ABA (american Beauty Association) is giving out 40,000 brushes absolutely free of charge (just pay $4.95 shipping).



Most makeup brushes are lucky to have 2,000-5,000 bristles. This brush blow them all out of the water. Not only are the number of bristles crushing the competition, but the  bristle size is also extraordinary 1/4 the thickness of human hair. This is literally the softest thing you have ever felt.

The brush works so well because the high number of bristles and the extreme thinness of each bristle allows powder and liquid makeup up to be spread cleanly and smoothly when applied. Check out the difference below:

Comparison of 2 makeup brushes