Free Eye Creams To Lighten Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are two common discolorations of skin underneath the eye and both have different causes and treatments.

1.) Blue-ish Circles Under Eyes

If you are experiences blue circles under your eyes, don't worry! It is actually pretty common. Blue circles result from oxygenated blood that pools beneath your under-eye skin. Since the skin in this area is very thin, the natural blue color of blood shows through (yes, blood is actually blue until it hits oxygen as it leaves your body!). If this is the cause with you, you probably notice that it is more apparent in the mornings. This is because as we lay horizontal for a period of time, fluids accumulate and the veins expand to hold more blood.

Blue circles can also get worse as we age. As we get older we lose subcutaneous fat, which helps masks the coloration when we are younger.

To correct this issue you need a topical cream that stimulates blood flow AND thicken the outer layer of skin beneath the eye AND increases collagen production.

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blue circles under eyes


2.) Dark Circles Under Eyes Cream For Women

If you have brown or dark circles under your eyes they could be caused by a number of reasons. They can result from hyperpigmentation, chronic eye rubbing, sun exposure or genetics. They are most prevalent in Asian and African American skin tones.

To combat dark circles, you will need a skin cream that is high in a skin brightener ingredients like soy or citrus. These ingredients can lighten circles within 4 to 6 weeks permanently. It is important to avoid creams with hydroquinone, a common ingredient for lightening scars and sunspots.

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brown circles under eyes


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